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10 Applications Of 5G (5 Generation) Network

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10 Applications Of 5G (5 Generation) Network
Latest company news about 10 Applications Of 5G (5 Generation) Network

Compared with 2G/3G/4G (G: Generation) network, there will be a big leap on network capacity when 5 generation. For example, the download speed can reach 20Gbps, and upload speed can be more than 10Gbps, moreover, 5G will reduce much network delay problem and rise much network efficiency. The simplified network structure can guarantee less than 5ms network delay for end to end. 5G bring us Mobile Beyond Giga transmit speed, RealTime World and All-Online Everywhere, 5G will start the time which is full of opportunities!


In addition, 5G also bring attractive business modes, there will be a variety of efficient new network service according to different service level and performance requirement, to meet that business modes. The network operator not only needs to provide effective service for all industries, but also needs to commercialize that service fast effectively. See the future, the white papers which is published by Huawei Xlabps will explore the 10 applications of 5G network.


10 Applications:


1. Cloud VR/AR

2. IOV/ Internet of Vehicles

3. Intelligent Manufacturing

4. Intelligent Energy

5. Wireless Medical

6. Wireless home entertainment

7. Network UAV

8. Social Networking

9. Personal AI assit

10. I-City/Intelligent City


1. Cloud VR/AR


VR/AR demand enormous broadband, high quality VR/AR data are put in the clouds, it can meet user’s requirements also save much cost, in the field of mobile network, VR/AR will be the most potential large flow business. Although 4G network average throughput can reach 100Mbps, some high level VR/AR require higher speed and lower response delay.

ABI Research said, AR/VR total market share will be US$292 billion (AR: US$151, VR: US$141)


2. IoV/Internet of Vehicles


The key technology which drive vehicle reform - Autonomous driving, formation driving, vehicle life cycle maintenance, and sensor data crowdsourcing all require security, reliable, low delay and wide broadband connection, that connections are very important on the highway and in the dense city, only 5G can do it.

ABI Research forecast that, there will be around 50.3 million 5G Vehicles in 2025, vehicle lift is 7-10 years, so the 5G vehicle demand will rise much in 2025-2035.


3. Intelligent manufacturing


Although Wireless solution like WIfi, Bluetooth and wirelessHART etc has been used in manufacturing workshop in these years, that solutions are limited in bandwidth, reliability and security. For the newest and most advanced intelligent manufacturing, flexibility, mobility, wide bandwidth and reliability are the based requirements, 5G can do it.

These is forecast said, the compound Annual Growth Rate of 5G IIOT will reach 464% in 2022 to 2026.


4. Intelligent Energy


When the network delay is low than 10ms, the feeder automation system can insulate the fault zone within 100ms, that will reduce much energy waste


5. Wireless Medical


There is B2B survey said, there are 42% interviewee from medical industry have been planning to introduce 5G, and they trust that 5G will be the enabling factor for advanced medical solution.


6. Wireless home entertainment


8K Video and Cloud game will create much 5G demand.


7. Network UAV


8. Social network


Mobile video services mode will be changed to creating and buying video from watching and SOVD, current two trends are social video and mobile live video.

That bring out demand of 8K video and panoramic live, 5G can meet this demand.


9. Personal AI Assit


10. I-City/Intelligent city

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